Zikit Pro-Kit
Zikit Pro-Kit
Zikit Pro-Kit
Zikit Pro-Kit
Zikit Pro-Kit

Zikit Pro-Kit

Zikit Drums provides for the first time an add-on device for professional drummers that changes your 14" snare drum diameter, and gives you the versatile option to switch between the different pitches in real-time.



Zikit Pro-Kit - Tech Specs

Diameter:330 mm / 13"
Depth:100 mm / 4"
Weight:1.4 kg / 3 pound
Material:Main body – Die-Cast Aluminum
Rims – High Impact PA 
Sliders –  2.5mm Stainless Steel
Hardware finish – Brushed Chrome Matte

Zikit Pro-Kit - General Description

  • Suits all types of snare drums
  • Extremely easy to fit and remove
  • 10"-12"-14" in your existing snare drum
  • Design your own unique sounds
  • Smooth and responsive action gear drive
  • A real-time diameter change mechanism
  • Minimalistic low weight design
  • Fits 10/8 lugs snare drums
  • compatible for all brands and materials
  • Video

    Zikit Pro-Kit - In The Box

  • Jig
  • Handle mechanism
  • Handle gear
  • Open wrench
  • Magnetic bit holder
  • Hex key
  • Video